PWM Malevolent Semi Modular Analogue Synth
PWM Malevolent Semi Modular Analogue Synth
PWM Malevolent Semi Modular Analogue Synth
PWM Malevolent Semi Modular Analogue Synth
PWM Malevolent Semi Modular Analogue Synth
PWM Malevolent Semi Modular Analogue Synth
PWM Malevolent Semi Modular Analogue Synth
PWM Malevolent Semi Modular Analogue Synth

PWM Malevolent Semi Modular Analogue Synth

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Desktop Semi-Modular Synth

Malevolent is a semi-modular analogue synthesizer, that boasts 19 x 3.5mm inputs and outputs for deep sound exploration and integration capabilities with other modular systems.

Malevolent is mini-synth that includes a variety of unique & interesting features, such as:

  • Wave-shaping VCO’s, with three switchable / mixable waveforms
  • Multi-mode 2-pole Sallen-Key topology filter with resonance
  • High quality VCA circuit with a superb overdrive
  • Monophonic USB / MIDI to CV Converter
  • 6 mode arpeggiator with hold
  • Magnetically attached + removeable end cheeks
  • Can be powered by USB BUS power
  • Vast expansion possibilities with Eurorack standard 1V/Oct gear
  • Plus much more…!

Malevolent has been designed by Paul Whittington in collaboration with Bristol based synth manufacturer Future Sound Systems who have provided the analogue circuitry, and Ben Supper who developed the control interface:

Paul has a had a long career in developing products for some of the biggest names in the industry and is now using his expertise to build instruments, bringing in talents from friends he’s made during his tenure in development.

Future Sound Systems are a renowned Bristol based synthesizer manufacturer, who are responsible for some of most forward-thinking designs on the market, they specialize in modular and semi-modular synthesizers & their design prowess is very apparent in Malevolent.

Despite it’s diminutive size, Malevolent sounds big, aggressive and is capable of everything from soaring leads, huge bass sounds, percussive phrases, weird sound FX and more.

It's form factor, user interface and price point make it a great option for those taking their first step in the modular domain, but it's unique sound, extensive modulation capabilities and the options for integrating seamlessly with other synthesizers, makes it a great option an for experienced user who's looking for something a little different.

- Modular Pure Analogue Synthesiser

* Pure Analogue signal path designed by Future Sound Systems
    * Pure VCOs

    * 19 Outputs and 19 Inputs for 3.5mm mono jack cable patching
    * Normalised signal path for immediate sound Malevolence
    * Additional rear panel line out
    * Additional headphone out

* 2 Voltage Controlled Oscillators 
    * Saw / Triangle / Pulse outputs plus Mix for each oscillator
    * 1V/Oct pitch control input
    * Shape control / pulse width modulation input
    * 2x Frequency Modulation inputs
    * Coarse / Fine tune control
    * Shape mod amount control
    * FM1 and 2 mod amount controls
    * Shape control
    * Selectable waveforms for the mix output
    * Individual osc level control

* LFO (Low Frequency Oscillator)
    * Triangle / Square wave outputs
    * Rate control

* 2x Envelopes
    * Individual ADSR controls for each envelope
    * Individual gate inputs
    * Individual envelope outputs

* Multi-mode 2 pole VCF (Voltage Controlled Filter)
    * Low pass / Band pass / High Pass individual inputs
    * 2x Frequency Modulation inputs with amount controls
    * Filter cutoff
    * Filter resonance

* Mixer
    * Noise w/level control
    * Aux input w/level control

* VCA (Voltage Controlled Amplifier) with overdrive control

* Compatible with Eurorack standard 1V/Oct gear

* Monophonic and patchable allowing individual pitch control of each VCO and gate control of each envelope

* USB bus-powered

* MIDI In / Out

* Headphone out

* Line out

* Analogue clock in & out

* USB-MIDI to 1V/Oct CV & gate conversion
    * All pitch and gate control is fully analogue
    * Analogue clock In / Out

* Multi-function Joystick control
    * Left / right for pitch bend
    * Performable portamento
    * Performable vibrato
        * This is in addition to the analogue LFO
    * Latching hold mode

* Arpeggiator
    * 6 arpeggiator types
        * Up, Down, Up/Down 1, Up/Down 2, Played & Random
    * Auto clock sync
        * Detects analogue / MIDI or USB-MIDI clock and synchronises the arpeggiator automatically
        * Selectable sync rates when clock detected
    * Rate / sync control
    * Latch
    * 6 Octave range
    * Analogue / MIDI / USB-MIDI Clock output when arpeggiator is running

* Keyboard Control
    * 32 Velocity-sensitive mini-keys
    * Octave shift +/- 4 octaves 
    * Pitch output
    * Velocity output
    * Gate output

    * Local Off mode for DAW use

* 5 Patch cables

* Power Supply (9V 600mA)
* USB C lead

* Getting Started Guide

Weights and Dimensions:
Product (unboxed):
* 490 x 250 x 80 mm
* 2.61 kg

Product (boxed with contents):
* 690 x 320 x 160 mm
* 3.70 kg

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