Rossum Electro-Music Mob Of Emus Eurorack Polyfunctional Harmonic Sextet Module

Rossum Electro-Music Mob Of Emus Eurorack Polyfunctional Harmonic Sextet Module

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Polyfunctional Harmonic Sextet Eurorack Module

Mob of Emus is a powerful music and sound design tool that packs an enormous amount of synth power into an amazingly compact 16HP module.

While we can't come even close to describing all Mob of Emus can do in this brief email, here are the highlights:

• Six channels that can function independently or can be further controlled by a Hex Mode macro layer that lets you control all six simultaneously.

• Channels can function as:

- Wide range digital oscillators
- Noise sources
- Cyclical and 1-shot modulators (including LFOs, envelopes, and various other shapes)
- Sample and hold waveshapes
- Slow random modulators
- Triggers
- Rhythm patterns
- Quantizers (of both internal and external(!) signals)

• Mob of Emus’ innovative “harmonic” control structure makes it extremely easy to combine its oscillators into rich additive timbres, to combine its LFOs into stacked harmonic low frequency modulation waves, and to create modulation sources and triggers with intricate polyrhythmic patterns.

• With an external trigger input, six CV inputs that can operate in six different control modes, six independent outputs, and an assignable mix output, Mob of Emus can operate as the heart of an almost unlimited variety of patches.

• And while Mob of Emus’ interface is, by necessity, rather dense (given all it does), its 8 real-time controls have been designed to give immediate hands-on access to a channel’s (or all six channels’) key parameters, inviting (and rewarding) exploration and improvisation.

Suffice it to say, we’re really excited about this one.

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