Sixty Four Pixels CV.OCD MIDI To CV Convertor (Black)

Sixty Four Pixels CV.OCD MIDI To CV Convertor (Black)

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Desktop MIDI-CV Unit

CV.OCD is a device which converts MIDI signals to the Control Voltage (CV) and Trigger/Gate signals which are used to control traditional analog synthesizers.

As well as doing this useful bit of “plumbing”, CV.OCD is designed to open up some creative options that go beyond what a simple MIDI-CV converter can usually do.

CV.OCD has four assignable “continuous” analog CV outputs and twelve assignable gate/trigger outputs

It has powerful functionality for generating clock, trigger and non-note gates from MIDI information. For controlling your analog equipment via MIDI you are probably not going to get as much bang for your buck with anything else!

Each of the FOUR analog CV outputs have 0-8V output level and 12-bit resolution and be assigned to any of

Note pitch (1V/octave and Hz/V)
Note velocity
Controllers (CC)
Pitch bend
Channel aftertouch
Fixed voltage
Each of the TWELVE gate outputs has 5V output level (Please ensure that this is a high enough voltage level to trigger your synthesizer) and can be assigned to any of

Note on/off
Note velocity above threshold
Controller (CC) crossing threshold
MIDI clock (with divider/offset and transport gate)
MIDI transport states/events (start/stop/running etc)
CV.OCD allows to group pitch and gate outputs to achieve configurations like

Play up to four monosynths together like a single polysynth by playing chords on a single MIDI channel
Play multiple synths cyclically with consecutive notes going to different synths
Implement keyboard splits to control bass and lead synths in different ranges of same keyboard
You get 12 gate outputs to play with! As well as simply gating notes you can

Map specific MIDI notes to specific gate outputs for triggering drum machines etc,
Apply velocity threshold to get an accent trigger based on the MIDI velocity or trigger different gates depending on velocity
Output divided and offset pulse clocks to mess with time itself!
The device is configured by MIDI system exclusive patches, which you can create using a web based configuration page. Onces installed on the device, the patch is saved during power cycles.

Future firmware upgrades to the device can simply be installed over MIDI as sysex files.

CV.OCD has a standard 5-pin DIN MIDI input with optical isolation. There is also a 3.5mm TRS minijack MIDI input which follows the new MMA standard. Only one of the MIDI inputs may be used at a time.

Power is 9-12V DC via a 2.1mm barrel plug with negative centre pin (This is the type of supply used with most guitar stompboxes). Use a supply with 100mA (0.1amp) or morecurrent capacity (It does not matter if the current capacity of the supply is higher). The supply must have a DC output – do not use an AC output power adaptor.

The supplies which I am re-selling as a product option are quality “wall wart” style supplies from More information on these supplies is available on myVolts web site

The device comes FULLY ASSEMBLED and tested. Size approx 17.6cm x 5.5cm x 2.7cm. Approx weight 175g. Laser cut acrylic case with laser etched acrylic face plate.

Designed and hand assembled in Brighton, UK-

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