Squarp Hapax MIDI & CV/Gate Sequencer
Squarp Hapax MIDI & CV/Gate Sequencer
Squarp Hapax MIDI & CV/Gate Sequencer
Squarp Hapax MIDI & CV/Gate Sequencer
Squarp Hapax MIDI & CV/Gate Sequencer
Squarp Hapax MIDI & CV/Gate Sequencer
Squarp Hapax MIDI & CV/Gate Sequencer
Squarp Hapax MIDI & CV/Gate Sequencer

Squarp Hapax MIDI & CV/Gate Sequencer

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Highly Connectable Sequencer 

The Squarp Hapax Standalone Sequencer is the ultimate tool for electronic and acoustic musicians who want to create music without a digital audio workstation (DAW). It offers both analog and digital connectivity, making it the central hub of any studio setup. With MIDI polyphonic expression support, the Hapax is the first hardware sequencer that allows you to capture all your gestures in one place.

The Hapax features 128 RGB matrix pads for efficient sequence programming, with backlit pads to ensure visibility in low-light conditions. It also has 9 clickable encoders and dual OLED displays for parameter and setting navigation. The onboard real-time MIDI effects and powerful algorithms allow you to get creative with your sequences, while the ability to capture high-resolution recordings from external instruments enables you to compose multi-layered arrangements.

The Hapax's intuitive design and dedicated controls make it a must-have for any creative musician, whether you're in the studio or performing live. It offers a wide range of digital and analog connectivity, including MIDI I/O, CV connections, and USB ports.

As the centerpiece of any setup, the Hapax sequencer provides powerful standalone sequencing with elements of classic gear and modern innovation. It has dual-processor architecture that can process and record a massive amount of data without glitches, with 16 tracks per project and 8 patterns per track, allowing you to use up to a million notes and events for complex sequencing.

The Hapax is optimized for workflow with intuitive composition tools, including the advanced step sequencer, polyphonic/MPE track for melody crafting, and drum sequencing capabilities. You can generate/transform notes with cutting-edge algorithms and undo/redo steps with dedicated buttons. The real-time MIDI effects and chance mode allow you to add texture to your sounds and experiment with sequencing choices.

The Hapax is also robust and lightweight with versatile connectivity, featuring 128 RGB matrix pads and dual OLED greyscale displays. It has analog and digital connectivity, including MIDI I/O, CV inputs, bidirectional USB connectivity, and an SD card slot for saving projects. The Hapax is constructed from machined aluminum with unibody ABS for maximum durability.


  • Professional standalone sequencer – perfect as the centre of any studio
  • Combines elements of vintage sequencing with modern innovation
  • Sequencer and synchronise all your gear
  • 16 track per project, 8 patterns per track
  • Dual-processor architecture
  • Record/transform huge amount of data with no glitches
  • The first hardware sequencer with full support for MIDI polyphonic expression
  • Play/edit two separate independent project simultaneously
  • Advanced step sequencing – control up to eight different instruments via a single track
  • Wide range of powerful composition tools
    • Algorithms
    • High-resolution recording
    • Time elasticity
    • Fluid editing capabilities
    • Chord live mode
  • Four mode to explore
    • Live
    • Step
    • Pattern
    • Automation
  • Dual OLED displays
  • MIDI, CV and USB connectivity



  • Matrix Pads: 128 RGB
  • Click Pads: 52
  • Clickable Encoders: 9
  • Display: 2 OLED greyscale displays
  • SD Card: SD card for saving projects
  • CPU: dual ARM design
  • RAM: 32MiB
  • Housing: Machined aluminium 2mm
  • Housing (back): Unibody ABS


  • Sequencer: Dual Sequencer (2 Projects)
  • Tracks: 16 tracks per project
  • Patterns: 8 patterns per track


  • Input:
    • 2× midi in (DIN + TRS)
    • 2× CV in [-5V to +5V] (16bit)
    • Stereo pedal (footswitch)
  • Output:
    • 4× midi out (3× DIN + TRS)
    • 4× CV out [-5V to +5V] (16bit)
    • 4× GATE out [+5V]
  • Bidirectional I/O:
    • USB Host (link a controller)
    • USB Device (link a computer)


  • Dual Project: 16-track × 8-pattern + 16-track × 8-pattern
  • Track Run-Modes: reverse, pingpong, random
  • Track length: 1 step to 32 bars


  • 3 Live Modes: scales, chords, drum
  • Project: Real-time global scale
  • High Recording Resolution: 192ppqn
  • Controls and Effects: Real Time Midi Effects (Arpeggiator, Chance, Euclid, Harmonizer, Randomizer, Scale, Swing...) Live recording with looper & metronome, Transpose track


  • Power Supply: 15V, 1.2A, 18W (included)
  • Dimensions: 358 × 206 × 48 mm
  • Weight: 1.855 kg
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