Studio Electronics SE88 Eurorack Filter Module (CS80)

Studio Electronics SE88 Eurorack Filter Module (CS80)

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Eurorack Filter Module

Studio Electronics’ version of the boxy, Blade Runner-sweet and Boomstar-brash dual mode CS80 filter, initially married to the Omega Series Synths, and then tucked-in the 'Stars, now joins the Modstar Collective. We've twisted and turned the SE88 to unflatten the earth, so to speak; the original CS80 fed a HP filter into a LP filter, but with the SE88 your can select MODE 1's HP or BR to feed MODE 2's LP or BP, or patch it to reverse that pleasant path. The audio signal is completely controllable with input and output levels for each filter. Cherish and respect your filter's input gain stages, for a smooth yet often brassy sound—shed your mercy to strike hard for boiling, snarling bite, even to the blackout/cutout point; then and only then, uniquely blend mode settings for the filter family values you revere.

To get things merrily modulating, each filter employs attenuverters for frequency and resonance experimentation and decimation. While the SE88 does not self oscillate (Yamaha's creation didn't either), we did amp up the resonance level for full-throttle squelching. An additional master FM (frequency modulation) attenuverter-controlled level can feed both filters (when hungry enough) simultaneously, and tracking switches allow for individual keyboard response for each of the contrasting and complimentary filter modes.

Patch it Up

Ten patch points: 1 V/O, FM IN, M1 FM, M2 FM, M1 RES CV, M2 RES CV, M1 IN, M1 OUT,
M2 IN, M2 OUT.

All Controls and Patch Points

FREQUENCY MODE 1 – Adjusts the frequency, or cutoff of Mode 1.
2/3 - 1/3 TRACK - Toggles tracking options for Mode 1.
FM IN - Adjusts the master frequency modulation input.
FULL - HALF TRACK - Toggles tracking options for Mode 2.
FREQUENCY MODE 2 - Adjusts the frequency, or cutoff of Mode 2.
RESONANCE – Adjusts the resonance of Mode 1's filter.
M1 FM - Adjusts Mode 1's frequency modulation.
RESONANCE – Adjusts the resonance of the Mode 2's filter.
HP / BR - Toggles the High-Pass and Band-Reject option.
M1 RES CV – Adjusts Mode 1's resonance control voltage.
M2 RES CV – Adjusts Mode 2's resonance control voltage.
INPUT – Adjusts the master audio input.
M2 FM – Adjusts Mode 2's frequency modulation.
OUTPUT – Adjust the audio output.
1 V/O – One volt per octave control voltage input.
FM IN – Master frequency modulation input.
M1 FM – Mode 1 frequency modulation input.
M2 FM – Mode 2 frequency modulation input.
M1 RES CV – Mode 1 resonance control voltage input.
M2 RES CV – Mode 2 resonance control voltage input.
M1 IN – Mode 1 input.
LEVEL – Level control for Mode 1.
M1 OUT – Mode 1 output.
M2 IN – Mode 2 input.
LEVEL – Level control for Mode 2.
M2 OUT – Mode 2 output.


Size - 20hp
Depth - 39.7mm with ribbon cable attached
Power Usage - 42mA (+12 / -12)

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