Teenage Engineering OP-1 Field Portable Music Instrument
Teenage Engineering OP-1 Field Portable Music Instrument
Teenage Engineering OP-1 Field Portable Music Instrument
Teenage Engineering OP-1 Field Portable Music Instrument
Teenage Engineering OP-1 Field Portable Music Instrument
Teenage Engineering OP-1 Field Portable Music Instrument
Teenage Engineering OP-1 Field Portable Music Instrument
Teenage Engineering OP-1 Field Portable Music Instrument

Teenage Engineering OP-1 Field Portable Music Instrument

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Flagship portable synth

The Teenage Engineering OP-1 Field takes the original OP-1 design to the next level, building on over a decade of research and development to create the ultimate portable synthesizer. Refined, upgraded and enhanced; nearly every facet of the original design has been overhauled including Bluetooth MIDI connectivity, a huge 24-hour battery life, new synth engines and a whole host more!


From the studio to the stage, the OP-1 Field shines, featuring powerful onboard speakers with a passive radiator and a high-resolution flush display for navigating settings and parameters. You can even sample from the radio using the onboard FM antenna. Not only that, but the OP-1 Field now allows you to broadcast over FM too! The new and improved stereo sample engine takes your sampling capabilities to the next level, with an increased sampling time of up to 20 seconds. The overall sound quality has also been improved with 32-bit audio fidelity.


Seven new stereo synth engines allow you to explore a wide range of synthesis styles and options including refined envelopes, 20 new preset patches and expanded audio connectivity. You can now store up to 160 minutes of samples and up to 500 user patches; making it perfect for musicians on the move. The overall design has been upgraded too, with a thinner, low-profile aluminum body and new graphics/colour scheme. You can even wirelessly connect (via wireless MIDI) to other Teenage Engineering gear such as the OP-Z and the TX-6 mixer.



The best just got better

Building on the success of the now legendary OP-1, the OP-1 Field has refined every aspect of the original design whilst staying true to its core. Jam-packed with new features and upgrades; the OP-1 Field is the ultimate portable synthesizer for musicians and sound designers. The new and improved speaker system features a new passive loudspeaker on the rear of the synth, which has been optimised to deliver a powerful bass response for a more full-bodied sound.

The battery life has been improved dramatically, providing you with up to a whole day of use (24 hours) from a full charge. The overall design has been revamped too with a new, low-profile aluminium body equipped with a high-res flush display. One of the most innovative features of the OP-1 returns in the form of Tapes. Tape mode provides four stereo tracks with up to six minutes of recording time (at normal speed). There are now four different tape styles to choose from. With the OP-1 Field you can now store up to eight tapes via the onboard memory and switch between them in an instant.

All the iconic graphics have been revamped and overhauled with a brand-new colour scheme. The onboard memory has also been expanded to 256 MB. The overall sound quality has been improved with studio-grade 32-bit audio fidelity. You can now receive and transmit FM signals thanks to the new internal antenna, allowing you to broadcast, as well as sample from the radio. The UI (user interface) has been completely reworked as well as including charge power status LEDs for added convenience. For the full list of the new and improved features see the list towards the bottom of this page.

The vocoder – available with the latest firmware

Teenage Engineering is always updating and enhancing its range of products via firmware updates and the OP-1 Field is no exception. Simply down and install the firmware (available here) and you're ready to go! The vocoder is an effect that was championed by countless artists including Roger Troutman, 2Pac, Daft Punk and many more; synthesizing the human voice to achieve a unique sound. It works by speaking/singing and playing notes at the same time, with the notes dictating the pitch of your voice. The powerful modulation options that the OP-1 Field offers allow you to tap into various styles of vocoding for maximum versatility.

Deep synthesis with new and improved engines

Equipped with multiple original synth engines; the OP-1 Field expands on the original design with the inclusion of stereo synth engines. With 12 engines in total (as well as a synth sample engine) you are presented with a massive sonic palette; allowing you to create everything from aggressive bass sounds to lush pads and even FM-style sounds. The wide variety of engines allows you to easily translate your ideas into sound. There are also a range of stereo effects on offer including a new spring reverb, punch, grid and more.

As well as the synth mode; the OP-1 Field also has a ‘drum mode’. When activated, you’re presented with stereo drum samples and a dual oscillator drum synth as well as a myriad of presets to choose from including a range of new drum kits exclusive to the OP-1 Field. You can now stack multiple drum samples to create powerful layered sounds. The drum envelope has also been improved to provide better transient control. From drum sampling to synthesis; the drum mode has multiple ways to interact with drum sounds or create your own from scratch using dbox.

Advanced sampling with stereo sample engine

From hip-hop to EDM; the art of sampling has long been a staple in popular music and the OP-1 Field gives you everything you need to master this art. The onboard chromatic stereo sampler has been vastly overhauled, now allowing you to zoom in while editing samples. This is a great step-up from the previous version; allowing you to chop and refine samples with maximum precision. The sample storage has also been expanded, now allowing for over 160 minutes of sample storage. You can sample sounds from multiple sources including the built-in microphone or from FM radio.

Wireless Bluetooth connectivity – link together Teenage Engineering gear

The onboard Bluetooth LE connectivity allows for simple wireless MIDI connectivity. Equipped with dual BLE antennas; the OP-1 Field delivers an ultra-stable wireless performance. You can use the wireless MIDI connectivity to connect to outboard MIDI gear or Teenage Engineering units with wireless capabilities such as the OP-Z or the TX-6 mixer. You can also use the OP-1 Field as a MIDI controller or connect to other audio gear via the USB audio/MIDI connectivity.

Multiple sequencers and streamlined mixer

Sequence your sounds using the seven sequencing modes available in the OP-1 Field. The synth/drum modes both have dedicated sequencer memory. The seven modes include endless, finger, finger (drum), hold, pattern, sketch and tombola. There is also an arpeggio mode which is useful for generating new ideas and drawing inspiration.

The final stage of the OP-1 Field is the mixer section allowing you to adjust the volume, panning and more of the four tape tracks to create a cohesive overall sound. The mixer section is comprised of four pages: mixer, equalizer, master FX and master out. You can apply any of the onboard effects to the master output – perfect for ‘glueing’ your tracks together. Shape your overall sound using the three-band master equalizer or get in-depth with the ‘sound path’ view which shows you the order in which the various signals are processed.



  • Highly portable synthesizer, sampler and drum synth
  • Integrated USB-C audio interface
  • Four-track, 32-bit stereo tape recorder
  • Deep stereo sampling engine with zoom-in function
  • Unique ‘tape’ recording – up to eight tapes in total
  • Stereo drum machine with dbox drum synth for creating sounds from scratch
  • Seven sequencer including arpeggio
  • Eight stereo effects (can also be applied to master output)
  • Built-in speaker with improved bass performance
  • FM radio receiver and transmitter – sample sounds from the radio
  • Accelrometer and gyroscope
  • MIDI over Bluetooth LE
  • 24-hour rechargeable battery

What’s New

  • Vocoder - available via firmware update
  • All new low profile aluminum body
  • High resolution flush display
  • Internal FM antenna for both rx and tx
  • Eight swappable tapes for recording
  • Four different tape styles
  • All new drum kit packs
  • New reverb effect: mother
  • New synth engine: dimension
  • New speaker with passive radiator
  • MFI - iPhone USB MIDI and audio connectivity
  • Battery life increased to 24h
  • Slimmer and sleeker profile
  • New colour scheme
  • Dual velcro® back fasteners
  • Twenty new preset synth patches
  • Zoomed in sample editing
  • Bluetooth low energy for wireless midi
  • Pro quality 32-bit audio throughout the signal chain
  • Stereo mixdown from synth and drum to stereo tape tracks
  • Stereo drum sampler engine
  • Improved drum envelope for better transient control
  • Drum sample stacking
  • Stereo audio input processing
  • Improved tape looping
  • Stereo synth sampler engine
  • Over 160 minutes of sample storage
  • 4-pole audio jack for headset mic support
  • Configurable MIDI filtering
  • New volume setting per patch
  • Afterburner ground loop noise suppressor
  • Built-in user guide
  • Dual BLE antennas for stable wireless performance
  • New and improved built-in microphone
  • Added encoder click functionality
  • Tape name editor
  • New external velocity LFO
  • New range of custom accessories
  • Up to 500 user patches
  • Adjustable pitch bend range
  • Automatic headphone impedance adjustment
  • BLE advertising toggle
  • BLE central for connecting controllers
  • BLE connection list view
  • Built-in FM radio transmission
  • Charge power status LEDs
  • Click to hold sequencer
  • Completely reworked ui
  • Custom MIDI settings for connected devices
  • Custom volume encoder with higher resolution
  • Detailed country settings for radio
  • Dual role USB type c connector
  • Ergonomic power switch
  • Ultra-fidelity headphone output
  • High resolution accelerometer
  • Improved averaging for a more reliable tap tempo
  • Improved equalizer with higher resolution and smoother interpolation
  • Improved input signal to LFO with smoother envelope
  • Adjustable MIDI filtering
  • Refined original patches
  • Increase to 256 MB internal memory
  • Improved envelope follow in nitro effect
  • More random LFO target parameters
  • Increased toMBola simulation accuracy
  • Mtp content management
  • New custom USB cable
  • New factory sequencer presets
  • New font
  • New form factor
  • New high resolution vu led meter
  • New hold sequencer
  • New keyboard module
  • Improved line in signal quality
  • New metronome sound
  • New packaging
  • New pan LFO target
  • New sawtooth and square LFO shapes
  • New sketch image
  • Ob–4 compatible using FM tx or wire
  • Pop-up info graphics
  • Precise master level meters
  • Refined acoustic side shooting loudspeaker grill
  • Save tempo and sync settings with tapes
  • Screen brightness control
  • Smooth knob interpolation
  • Stereo cluster synth engine
  • Stereo digital synth engine
  • Stereo FM synth engine
  • Stereo phase synth engine
  • Stereo pulse synth engine
  • Stereo string synth engine
  • Stereo tape tracks
  • Stereo voltage synth engine
  • System settings
  • USB audio host
  • USB audio/MIDI direct connectivity to op–z, tx–6, op–1 and compatible devices
  • USB MIDI host
  • User patch rename
  • Wireless MIDI connectivity to op–z and tx–6


  • Analog Connectivity:
    • 3.5mm stereo input jack
    • 3.5mm stereo output jack with headset microphone support
    • USB audio/MIDI host and device
  • Audio Input:
    • Impedance: 13kOhm
    • Analog Gain: 0 – 31 dB
    • Max Level: 8 dBu, 2 Vrms
    • SNR: 98dBA (typical)
  • Audio Output:
    • Max Level: 8 dBu, 2 Vrms
    • SNR: 124 dBA (typical)
  • Bluetooth Connectivity:
    • Bluetooth MIDI
    • Bluetooth low energy radio
  • Battery Life: 24 hours
  • Display: High-resolution flush colour screen
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