Tenderfoot Hike Eurorack 2-Channel Envelope Module

Tenderfoot Hike Eurorack 2-Channel Envelope Module

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Eurorack Envelope Generator

Hike is the new 2 - channel envelope generator from Tenderfoot Electronics.

Each channel has 3 main modes:
Red = Looping envelope 0V to 8V
Green = One-shot triggered A/D envelope
Yellow = ASR envelope for use with longer gate signals.

Each channel has separate mode buttons, rise and fall knobs, as well as additional CV control over the rise and fall.
Each channel has an attenuator to dial back the 0V to 8V output.

Holding the mode button puts the channel into random voltage mode and acts similarly to a sample and hold circuit.
The 'rise' knob alters the rate at which the sample triggers occur.
the 'fall' knob adjusts the level of randomness from one sample to the next.

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