TipTop Audio Forbidden Planet Eurorack Filter Module

TipTop Audio Forbidden Planet Eurorack Filter Module

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Eurorack Filter Module

Get spaced out with the Tiptop Audio Forbidden Planet Analog Filter. It's an analog multi-mode filter with expansive filtering capabilities to take your sound into new directions. You'll find low-pass, band-pass, and high-pass filter input jacks, along with a frequency control and resonance that gives the Forbidden Planet filter its signature sound.
Each filter can go from subtle to extreme. By using the resonance control, you'll be able to create interesting Sci-fi tones and completely change your original sound. Control manually or even use CV for more control and capabilities. Unlock more creative possibilities with the Tiptop Audio Forbidden Planet filter.

Sci-Fi Sound
Completely change your original sound. The Forbidden Planet's resonance uses an internal feedback path that can sound both subtle and smooth, all the way to grainy and aggressive.

With a low setting, the module will emphasis the cutoff harmonics. At the middle it can self-oscillate, and when at the max setting the module will produce some interesting tones that are great for Sci-Fi.

Filter Characteristics
The filters can be used simultaneously. You'll find inputs for low-pass, band-pass, and high-pass, each adding a broader filter spectrum to your eurorack. Its high-pass has a crisp sharp cut with no residue that works well on any sound.

If you're looking to isolate frequencies, the band-pass is perfect. It's clear and useful for isolating a small slice of a frequency while cutting both the lows and highs. This is ideal for accurate sound design and sculpting. The low-pass is perfect for creating those deep, body-shaking basslines and kicks, or any monophonic synth patch that needs some low-end loving.

LFO Modulation
There's also LFO modulation. Plug in an LFO, adjust the attenuator and you'll hear the filter being modulated. This is another way to create interesting, new sounds from your original source.

Analog multi-mode filter
Low-pass, band-pass, and high-pass filter inputs
Control manually or by CV
Low-pass is an airy classic 12dB two-pole analog slope (great for monophonic synth patches
Resonance utilises an internal feedback path that can sound smooth or aggressive
Great for Sci-Fi sounds


  • Size: 8HP
  • Depth: 30.5mm
  • Powr: +12V 10ma / -12V 10ma
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