TipTop Audio Happy Ending EU 19

TipTop Audio Happy Ending EU 19" Rack Eurorack Case & Power Kit (Black)

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Great value bare bones Eurorack modular case with power module.

The Happy Ending Kit is an easy way to start a Eurorack modular system.

It's one of the easiest and most affordable ways of getting a system up and runing and is very flexible as it can either fit into an existing 19" Rack system or it can sit on a desktop at a usefull angle.

The Kit comes with 84hp Rails with M3 screw threads, a uZeus power module which provides around 1200mA on the +12V rail, the side ears which allow it to be racked or to be placed on the desktop and all the screws needed to assemble the kit.

The uZeus comes with two flying bus cables with around 10 power connectors and room for a third flying bus cable too

You can also upgrade the power brick at a later date if you need more power using the Zeus Boost adaptor which gives 2000mA on the +12V rail.

This kit comes with the standard 1000mA EU power adaptor (NOT THE UK 3 PIN PLUG)



The Happy Ending Kit includes:

1 x Z-Rails set plus screws to attach to Z-Ears
1 x Z-Ears Tabletop/Rackmount Set
1 x uZeus 4HP PSU with two flying bus boards
1 x 1000mA Universal power adapter with UK plug point (110-220VAC)

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