TipTop Audio Numberz Digital Audio Lab Programmer (Z-DSP)

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TipTop Audio Numberz Digital Audio Lab Programmer (Z-DSP)

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Programmer for Tiptop ZDSP Cards



The Z-DSP provides an open source environment for programers to develop, test, share or sell effects for the Z-DSP. NumberZ can also be used by non skilled programmers, students or hobbies who are interested to try the freely available effects and development tools that are posts online with their Z-DSP, a good start for learning the basis of audio DSP coding.

NumberZ provides the physical layer connecting the DSP software development tool with the Z-DSP module and its cartridges and lets you debug your code in real time and make copies of your developed cartridges. NumberZ is both a development tool and a cartridge programer.

With NumberZ you can:

– Develop your own effects to play on the Z-DSP module.
– Debug your Z-DSP effects in a real-time environment.
– Sell your developed cartridges in the Z-DSP market place
– Download free Z-DSP effects from the web to play on your Z-DSP.
– Modify downloaded dsp code for new and interesting effects.
– Share your effects online with other NumberZ users.
– Share your effects on Z-DSP Cartridges with other Z-DSP users.


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