TipTop Audio One Sample Content Card - VCTRS (Glitchmachines)

TipTop Audio One Sample Content Card - VCTRS (Glitchmachines)

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Tiptop One Sample Card

Type: One Shot
Character: Mixed material

ONE includes a card called VCTRS featuring 60 carefully chosen sounds from the 5 sound banks developed by Glitchmachines. We have included some of the most compelling material from each bank in order to showcase ONE’s strengths and demonstrate the broad range of sounds available on the PERC, SBSTRT, KERNL, HYBRD, and BENT cards which are available separately from Eurorack retailers.

VCTRS and the other Glitchmachines cards include the entire sound set sampled at 48kHz, 64 kHz, and 96kHz. The 48kHz rate allows for easy pitching up of one octave, 64kHz offers some upward pitch while maintaining much of the 96kHz fidelity and full 96kHz source offers the purity of the source as well as the lowest latency possible for great performance.

Forthcoming cards from a wide array of sound designers, artists, and producers will expand the range to include poly and mono synth tones, field recordings and even CV source material.

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