TipTop Audio StackCable 90cm  Eurorack Patch Cable (Black)

TipTop Audio StackCable 90cm Eurorack Patch Cable (Black)

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Inspired by the stackable banana cable, the patented Tiptop Stackcable is the first cable that combines stacking capability with a low noise shielded structure for use in audio.

With signal splitting available directly on the plug, you can say goodbye to patchbays, mults and Y-adapters while enjoying the superior signal integrity that only a shielded audio path can provide.

No more need to run a signal all the way to a patchbay just to route it around your system.

Using a Stackcable provides a true shielded path with no signal degradation.
Stackcables are compatible with all audio gear that uses the standard 3.5mm / 1/8" jacks and plugs, this includes new and vintage synthesizers from all manufacturers.

The Stackcables are not compatible with Switchcraft Tini-Jax® plugs but will work well with the Tini-Jax® jacks that are used by Buchla.

For the long operational life of the Stackcable do not pull it out using the cable.

Doing so over time will destroy the internal connection, creating unstable signal flow and eventually resulting in the cables demise. Stackables should only be pulled out using the molded head.

On some Stackables the metal jack will rotate. This is a normal outcome due to the specifics of their manufacturing process.

They are fully functional and in no way impede or degrade the functionality of your Stackcable.

The Switchcraft Tini-Jax® were widely used in US made vintage audio equipment and synthesizers but are less common these days. These plugs can still be found with vintage synthesizers.

Modular gear that still uses these jacks and plugs today is the Buchla system.

The Stackcables uses an ultra miniature jack structure that was designed to be used with standard 1/8” 3.5mm plugs.

On the Tini-Jax® plugs, the tip and sleeve are wider and have a different shape. Inserting a Tini-Jax® plug into the Stackcable may widen up the internal contact, and loosen its grip with standard 1/8” 3.5mm plugs.
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