Verbos Electronics Harmonic Oscillator Eurorack Module

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Eurorack oscillator module

Analog additive oscillator module that generates the first eight harmonic as sine waves. The frequency spectrum can be processed in a creative way by 3 CV inputs. Linear FM, a voltage controlled signal mixer with faders and three outputs for standard wave forms are available as well. The oscillator has a discrete triangle core and a discrete exponential converter.
The Harmonic Oscillator is really great for generating sounds resembling vocals and organs but also for evolving organic sounds.

The module's left side is known from classic VCOs as it contains coarse and fine frequency controls, a linear FM input with attenuator, an exponential CV FM input with polarizer and an 1V/octave input. Also there are outputs available for triangle, square and sawtooth. So far so good but there's a fourth output, carrying the harmonics' mix from the right side of the module:
This part generates eight sine waves corresonding to the fundamental tone and seven overtones. Each harmonic's level can be controlled with a fader and a CV at the input underneath. The harmonics are available at individual outputs on top as well which can be pretty interesting in combination with a stere mixer with panorama functions.

Very interesting are the scan parameters in the black block as they provide manual and voltage control for unique treatment of the frequency spectrum, independent of the faders' settings:
"Harmonic Scan" does scan through the frequency spectrum, with Center and Width determining the center frequency and bandwidth
"Spectral Tilt" either emphasizes the low or high harmonics.

Frequency inputs: linear FM in, CV in, 1V/octave in.
Harmonics inputs: CV inputs for scan, center, spectral tilt. One amplitude CV input per harmonic
Outputs: triangle, square, sawtooth; harmonic mix output. eight individual harmonics outputs.

3U Eurorack module, 32HP wide, 26mm deep.
Power consumption: 120mA@+12V and 90mA@-12V

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