XAOC Devices Samara II Eurorack Utility Module

XAOC Devices Samara II Eurorack Utility Module

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Eurorack Mixer and Utility Module

Samara II is both a flexible mixer and a multifunction utility that may be used for processing audio signals, control voltages, and modulation waveforms.
It is a second, significantly extended version of Samara, originally introduced in 2016. It offers four channels of signal attenuation, conversion between unipolar and bipolar voltages (offsetting by either positive or negative value), mixing in various configurations, as well as a variety of useful signal transformations: clamping, minimum/maximum, sample & hold, and wave scanning.

Four attenuation channels
Two offset channels
Four inverters
One four–channel mixer
Two double–channel mixers
Mixing of up to eight signals when using inverted inputs
Two modes of min/max calculation
Clamp, scan, sample and hold waveform processing modes


Eurorack synth compatible
10hp, skiff friendly
Current draw: +50mA/-20mA
Reverse power protection

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