XAOC Devices Zadar Eurorack Quad Envelope Generator Module

XAOC Devices Zadar Eurorack Quad Envelope Generator Module

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Eurorack quad envelope generator with incredible Env Shapes

The XAOC ZADAR 1973 Quadruple Envelope Generator offers great control for envelope tweaking. The ZADAR is equipped with 4 independent envelopes, and with each of these you can choose from 200 unique shapes that go from super simple to insanely complex. On top of this, the XAOC ZADAR lets you dive deeper and tweak, shape and deform them to your heart's intent.

Highly Adjustable Envelopes

Just as you thought you were finishing up on those 200 envelope shapes, the XAOC ZADAR lets you delve in much deeper. Each envelope can be deformed and shaped using the 4 dedicated rotary knobs. You can edit the length from 1ms up to 30 mins long, warp them, stretch them, reverse them, and control the level. The ZADAR provides you with a range of controls for obtaining new shapes. Each of the envelope shapes are made of up thousands of segments. Everything from basic to complex transients, from looped modulation cycles to rhythmical patterns, from quasi-randoms to perfectly regular functions, natural envelopes extracted from various acoustic and electronic instruments, abstract fractals and physicals models, and more are included. Additionally, these envelopes can be repeated, looped, chained, and externally controlled as well, letting you completely transform and manipulate however much you need to.

Easy-To-Use Interface

The interface has been kept straightforward and accessible, providing 4 main ''endless'' encoders for editing and selecting envelopes, reducing the need for deep menu diving. Conveniently, the handy little OLED screen displays all the envelope shapes as you switch through and transform them. Additionally, all your settings can be stored and organised in preset slots.


4 independent channels
Up to 200 unique envelope shapes from basic to complex
Envelopes can be stretched, squeezed, warped in time and amplitude, and reversed
Complex envelope looping and chaining features
Cycle time from 1ms up to 30 mins
Assignable CV inputs to control almost every parameter
Preset slots

eurorack standard compliant
10 hp wide
skiff friendly
current draw: +40mA/-10mA
secured against reversed power connection

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