Zlob Modular Miniatt Eurorack Dual Mute Attenuator Module

Zlob Modular Miniatt Eurorack Dual Mute Attenuator Module

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Eurorack Utility Module

MiniAtt is a 2hp Dual Passive Attenuator, Offset Generator, Mixer, and Mute Eurorack Module available as a Eurorack DIY Kit, PCB and Panel, or Built Module.

The newest 666 version(available late August 2020) can be powered and will provide Offset of 0-5V with nothing plugged into the “IN” for each channel controlled by each respective Potentiometer. The “Sum Out” will also be able to send out 0-10v~ volts depending on the setting of each Potentiometer. Both channels are normalled to the sum, so inserting a signal into an “IN” will remove it from the “Sum Out. There will be signal loss at the sum out, because the module is passive. Great for cv or audio although the module ships with linear pots.

Can be used Passively or Powered(2020 version)

  • Width: 2hp
  • Panel Material: Aluminum
  • Current Consumption: 0mA
  • Depth: 25mm
  • Ships with M3 black nylon screws
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