2hp PLAY Eurorack WAV Player Module (Black)

2hp PLAY Eurorack WAV Player Module (Black)

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Eurorack sample player

2HP Play is a very compact high-fidelity sample player, working at 24bit with a sample rate of 48kHz. Samples are stored on a micro SD card, which comes preloaded for instant fun! It is accessible directly from the front-panel. Up to 32 samples can be loaded at a time and dynamically switched between using the File knob and associated CV input. The module features three playback modes, and a very low latency of 4 ms. The sound can be triggered using the Trig button or by sending a gate or trigger to the Trig input.

2HP Play basically is a straightforward high fidelity sample player. It works at 24 bit and a sample rate of 48kHz.

Samples are loaded from the micro SD card, which comes packed with factory loops, drums hits, and field recordings, so the module is ready for immediate use!

The sample is selected using the File knob, and triggered either using the Trig button or a trigger/gate sent to the Trig input.

The Pitch knob controls the pitch of the selected sample by changing its playback speed. Thanks to the 1volt per octave input, it can be played tonally.

Two playback options are available with the switch: one-shot and looping mode.

Thanks to a simple text file on the SD card, five user-configurable options can be activated or deactivated. It allows, for example to quantize the pitch to semitones, or to add fades to the beginning and end of the sample to prevent clicks. Furthermore, a third playback mode is available, gated playback, which plays files only while the Trig gate input is high, or the button is held down. It is also possible to lock a file to its original pitch.

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