2hp ROUT Eurorack Switch Module (Black)


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The Rout is a useful little CV controlled gate/trigger router. It takes an input signal and routes it to one of four available outputs. The output can be selected manually with the potentiometer or by using CV into the “Sel” input. You can use this module to send gate or trigger signals randomly around your system or to split a sequenced pattern between different voices.
We've even tried inputting audio signals into the Rout, it will “Square-wave-ify” the input signal but with some experimentation you can pass an oscillator signal into different effects chains for example.
Here's what 2hp Say about it:
Rout is a voltage controlled gate switch. The signal present at the input can be sent to one of four outputs. Great for splitting a pattern across multiple voices or creating variations in a patch with a single gate source, Rout is a powerful addition to any rack's rhythm section.
Send one input to any of four gate outputs
Dynamic gate routing under voltage control