AJH Synth MiniMod V-Scale Eurorack Active Variable Mult Module (Silver)

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Eurorack buffered multiple

The AJH V-Scale Active Multi, Silver is a precision active buffer and multi module featuring a high input impedance, and low output impedance. The V-Scale is the ideal module for splitting and routing your CV pitch signals. Featuring trim potentiometers on 4 of the outputs, the V-Scale multi allows you to compensate between +/-5 percent for VCO and VCF modules that don’t track 1V/Oct exactly. Instead of having to re-calibrate each VCO independently, the AJH V-Scale allows you to easily make fine adjustments for multiple modules.

Compensate for Oscillator Tracking
The V-Scale features 5 outputs with 4 of them having trim potentiometers for fine adjustment. This allows you to compensate for the VCO and VCF modules that don’t track 1V/Oct exactly. Rather than having to adjust modules independently, you can use the V-Scale Active Multi to make small tracking adjustments to multiple modules easily. It is the ideal buffer multi module for a modular user using multiple VCOs that require precision tuning.

Variable precision buffer
1-5 splitter module
4 outputs feature variable +/-5 percent to cure tracking problems on VCOs and VCFs
Silver face panel
Size: 4hp
Depth: 26mm

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