Arturia Microfreak Gooseneck Microphone

Arturia Microfreak Gooseneck Microphone

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Gooseneck Mic for the Arturia Microfreak

The perfect companion to MicroFreak's Vocoder engine. This specially designed microphone attachment lets you add your vocals to MicroFreak's unique mix of digital and analog.
Transform your toplines, harmonies, and spoken word into inspiring modulated textures.

With its gooseneck design, this electret microphone is built with ergonomics and ease of use in mind. Adjust its height and angle to suit your setup, and connect it directly to MicroFreak's headphone connector. Thanks to an additional socket on the microphone's base, you can still connect your headphones for monitoring.

In terms of sound, the microphone is designed to work perfectly with the MicroFreak Vocoder engine's 16-band frequency range, ensuring accurate detection of the complex harmonics of the human voice. MicroFreak will detect when the mic is connected and automatically set the gain, but this can be easily adjusted in the utility menu.

Jump from subtle synthesized harmonies to robot vocals in no time with the MicroFreak Vocoder Microphone!


Electret mic designed to complement MicroFreak’s 16-band Vocoder engine
Adjustable gooseneck design
Simple TRRS connection directly into MicroFreak’s headphone socket
Supplementary headphone connector on base
Automatic mic detection with Auto Gain
Gain can be adjusted in MicroFreak’s Utility menu

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