Bitwig Studio 5 Upgrade - 16-Track  (Download Version)

Bitwig Studio 5 Upgrade - 16-Track (Download Version)

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Bitwig 16 Track to Bitwig Studio 4 Upgrade

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Includes Upgrade to Version 5.1!

The Bitwig Studio Upgrade from 16-Track is a new world of sound-design exploration. Bitwig Studio 5 is a professional DAW designed to let your imagination run loose. Going beyond the limits of traditional DAW's, Bitwig 4 offers an exciting and inspiring take on electronic music production, allowing you to transcend musical boundaries to create fresh and unique sounds. In-depth modulation of nearly any function gives you scope to manipulate elements of your tracks to create wild and unexpected sounds and capture that lightning-in-a-bottle moment of magic.


Discover a whole new palette of sonic manipulation with the Bitwig Studio 4 Upgrade. 11 additional audio effects including amplifiers, dual pan and EQ+ give you new creative control over the processing of your tracks, as well as 19 additional modulators including a four-stage, audio rate and quantisation, allow to express your creativity in a way that only Bitwig Studio 4 allows you to. Two extra virtual instruments (Phase-4 and Poly Grid) are present to make sure that you can maximise the potential of your songwriting and sound design creation. Bitwig Studio Upgrade from 16-Track gives you a much more in-depth platform to record your ideas. Take advantage of the upgraded unlimited audio and instrument track capacity with unlimited scenes to never be constrained with your creative workflow.

Please Note: This product comes in the form of a digital download code that will be sent to your email for activation. This version of Bitwig Studio 4 is for users of Bitwig Studio 16-Track wishing to upgrade their software.

Join in with Bitwig 4.3 Beta

With every purchase of Bitwig Studio and an active Upgrade Plan, you can join the testing of the newly-launched 4.3 Beta. Taking Bitwig to the next level, the 4.3 update offers new modules, effects and system upgrades to level up the most exciting sound design DAW currently available. Aptly named Space & Tone, the 4.3 Beta upgrade brings the newly-designed Convolution, Delay+ and Polymer upgrades. Convolution is designed to take your sound anywhere in the world, or even into realms not yet explored. Convolution is based around a set of over 270 impulses, ranging from 12th-century cathedrals, and legendary recording studio ambience to abstract 'environments'. Each impulse can be manipulated in virtually limitless ways from the colour, tone, envelope or reshaping of the impulse itself. The perfect home for ambient silver-screen sound design, Convolution is ready to take your sounds into outer space.

Balancing familiar, musical controls with a slew of exciting and unpredictable parameters, Delay+ is a boutique effect that can transform your sound into however you see fit. Fine-tuning details to the milliseconds, 4.3 Beta test Delay+ gives you unrivalled delay controls. Set inside the nested structure of Bitwig, Delay+ can integrate existing effects into the feedback loop to create colourful washes of sound that aren't conventionally possible.

Two newly introduced modules can be found within Polymer and The Grid. Inspired by the warmth and depth of analog, Union and Low-ass MG let you design your ideal analog-inspired synth. Union is a combination of three waveshapes into one oscillator with Low-pass MG taking inspiration from classic Moog filters. These new modules can be paired with any existing modules within the Grid and Polymer to build the synth of your dreams from the ground up.

Please note: Bitwig 4.3 is currently under Beta testing and does not ship with Bitwig Studio 4 as standard. Activation can be performed in your Bitwig User Profile upon registration.

An intuitive user interface

Thanks to Bitwig Studio 4’s drag and drop feature, manoeuvring between projects is made simple. Multiple projects can be kept open simultaneously, allowing you to incorporate tracks from one project into another quickly.

Fades and crossfades can be seen and edited in detail in the arranger timeline. This removes the need to search through drop-down menus to apply a fade. The slopes and curves can be edited by both ear and eye by simply dragging the mouse over the intended edit. Crossfades are automatically created when overlapping audio clips, once again streamlining your workflow.

The pop-up browser makes it easy to navigate through devices, presets and samples. Search functions make auditioning and selecting components easy, ensuring no time is wasted searching endless folders.

Get creative with The Grid

The Grid is a modular environment that zooms out on your modular design, allowing you to see and manipulate every little detail. Featuring both FX Grid and Poly Grid Instruments, The Grid allows you to sculpt and shape your own audio effects or modular synth instruments with almost limitless flexibility. Signal flow is indicated simply, ensuring you have full scope to edit, swap and move components to your heart's content. The result of this can be some truly unique sounds.

Simply drag a Grid device into any open project to begin patching over 175 different modules to quickly and easily unlock your creativity. Any of the Bitwig Studio 4 Modulators can be used to control any parameter in The Grid giving you a huge array of dynamic signal manipulation. To create truly unique and awe-inspiring sounds, any device can be patched via stereo to another with common premade connections or interchangeable connections to get you started quickly and easily. A powerful yet potentially daunting program, The Grid has an interactive help screen that describes every parameter and in detail to make sure you never overwhelmed.

Advanced MIDI support

Bitwig Studio 4 has included MPE (Multidimensional Polyphonic Expression) to cope with ever-advancing MIDI devices. This makes it one of only a few DAW’s capable of picking up every nuance of your performance, including features like micro pitch and sophisticated layer editing. Regular features for editing MIDI, like Velocity, Gain, Pan, Timbre, and Pressure, can also be easily manipulated in Bitwig Studio 4.

Hands on control

For those looking to delve deeper into the roots of VST’s, Bitwig Studio 4 lets you freely edit scripts directly from the makers. This provides the ultimate control to change parameters and create a controller tailored to your workflow. Touch screen integration also puts every parameter of Bitwig Studio 4 at your fingertips. Complete multi-touch functionality for all of the DAW’s key features significantly speeds up your workflow.

Integrate with your current setup

Ablteon LINK has improved the workflow of producers since its introduction allowed cross-DAW integration. This allows projects to be shared between musicians and allows creativity to be at the forefront. Bitwig Studio is a very prominent part of the Ableton LINK network, allowing it to seamlessly become part of your production or performance setup.

The hardware integration offered by Bitwig Studio is a big reason why it's so popular. With Bitwig Studio you get a whole array of devices dedicated to controlling your external hardware, either via MIDI and CC or CV, Gate and Clock, sent directly to your audio outputs.

Optimised Bitwig devices

Bitwig have designed a range of devices in-house, optimised to flourish in Bitwig Studio 4. These include virtual instruments, audio effects and other useful tools to create and process sound. These have been designed to utilise the full capabilities of Bitwig Studio 4. They will cover everything you need, from your everyday EQ’s to the more extreme effects.

Integrate VST’s you’re comfortable with

Avoid the nuesance of crashing projects when loading up plugins. The ‘sandboxing’ feature in Bitwig Studio 4 ensures plugin crashes won’t derail the whole project. This becomes extremely important when using your DAW in live performances. Your current VST plug-ins will also work without the need for third-party bridging, meaning you can dive straight into your production process with products you know.

Orchestral Strings available via Bitwig Circle

With every purchase you gain full access to Bitwig Circle which is constantly updated with new sounds to enhance your Bitwig experience. One such sound pack is Orchestral Strings, which enables you to add world-class symphony sounds to your Bitwig projects. Recorded at the world-famous Teldex studio in Berlin, Orchestral Strings provides a whole host of top-of-the-line string samples and you'll find various articulations and notes of plucks, sustained bows and accents, organised into categories like Pizzicato and Tremolo in the Bitwig Sampler.


new device Sweep is a performance ready filter bank with two filter slots, one waveshaper and a routing knob for different configurations. Customers can also now stack up to 16 voices per note.


It's ready to use and is a free update for all active plan users, providing a taste of what life with Bitwig is like and showing off the benefits that Bitwig Circle can offer you. If you own a full Bitwig Studio license with an active Upgrade Plan, the Orchestral Strings sound package is now available for free via Dashboard > Packages > Partner Collection. You'll need Bitwig Studio version 4.1.2 or later.


  • Version 3.3 includes new workflow enhancements and new instruments:
    • Polymer
    • Wavetable
  • A professional Digital Audio Workstation for Windows, macOS, and Linux
  • Super-fast workflow for sound design, recording, live performance, and beyond
  • A complete package with 80+ instruments and effects
  • Enjoy over 10 GB (and counting) of world-class sound content from Bitwig and selected partners
  • Out-of-the-box support for standard audio interfaces and controllers
  • A unique and highly flexible modulation system for unbound creativity
  • Excellent hardware integration
  • The Grid, a modular sound design environment sporting 154 modules and lightning-fast workflows
  • Ableton LINK version 3, supporting start/stop synchronization
  • Upgrade to unlimited audio and instrument tracks with unlimited scenes
  • Two new virtual instruments (Phase-4 and Poly Grid)
  • 11 additional audio effects including amplifier, dual pan, EQ+, and more
  • Seven additional note effects including multi-note, note echo, note latch
  • 19 additional modulators including 4-stage, Audio rate, quantize and more
  • A wide range of additional sound collections including the Extended Collection and
  • Artist Collection.



  • Compatability: PC, Mac


Please Note: This product comes in the form of a digital download code that will be sent to your email for activation. This version of Bitwig Studio 4 is for users of Bitwig Studio 16-Track wishing to upgrade their software.

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