Bubblesound HEXar Eurorack 6 x Envelope Module (Black)

Bubblesound HEXar Eurorack 6 x Envelope Module (Black)

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Eurorack AR Module

The HEXa(s)r is a 9HP module with 6 independent AR/ASR envelope generators and 3 mixer sections for a total of 9 outputs, giving users a huge amount of modulation options with a very small footprint making this the most versatile and flexible envelope generator in the eurorack world. Plus it’s skiff friendly and light on power consumption.

Each envelope generator has a gate input and can either be an Attack/Release or Attack/Sustain/Release. In AR mode the incoming gate is turned into a trigger giving you a simple Attack and Release, perfect for drum synthesis and simple modulation or control over VCAs. In ASR mode the length of the Sustain is controlled by the length of the gate. This makes using an LFO’s modulated Pulse Width output or a sequencer with variable gate length perfect for creating envelopes with changing sustain times, breathing life and variation to whatever the HEXa(s)r is modulating. The LEDs are tied to the output to give users visual feedback on each EG.

The HEXa(s)r can use gates (0-8/10V) or a +-5V to trigger the envelopes. It can accept trigger inputs as well, but when using a trigger in ASR mode there will be almost no sustain as the duration of triggers is very short, usually around 5-10 milliseconds.

The Gates in of the HEXa(s)r are normalized so one gate into EG1 will trigger all 6 envelopes. Each envelope generator can then be set to either AR or ASR mode. OIr you can use the output of one EG to trigger another EG. This can be used to make a type of gate delay for individual outputs or complex rhythm or modulation effects from the Mix output section.

The Mixer section has 3 parts, EG 1-3, 4-6 and All. By using multiple gates and triggering some EGs from other EGs the mix out section can create some unexpected modulation options or very controlled rhythmic outputs. It all depends on what you put into it.

There is a header on the back and included 6 pin ribbon cable that will allow the HEXa(s)r to connect with the upcoming HEXvca without using patch cables.

6 independent EGs. Attack and Release times are around 4 seconds each

Normalized Gates

30MM deep, single PCB skiff friendly design

Output Level: 0-10V

Interconnectable via supplied ribbon cable to the HEXvca

Power Consumption: 50mA positive, 40mA negative


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