Doepfer A-100 LC1 Eurorack Powered Case (3U - 48hp)

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Eurorack Case

The A-100LC1 is very similar to the A-100LC3 but offers only 48 HP for installation of modules. A-100LC3 is equipped with the power supply A-100SSB.

Measures in mm:
outside: approx. 262 (width) x 158 (depth) x 154 (height)
inside: 1 x 48 HP (244 mm) x 3 U (one short bus board), useable depth for A-100 modules: approx. 110/45 mm (measured from inner side of the front panel until end of the pc board of the module), because of the built in power supply the depth is reduced at the right side

12 polarized bus connectors (boxed pin headers)

Weight: about 1.5 kg (without modules, without mains cable)

Electrical specifications:
mains voltage: 110 ... 240V~ (IEC connector at the rear panel, the mains cable is not included because of the many different versions for different countries)
output voltages/current: +12V/380mA, -12V/380mA, +5V/100mA (the +5V current is taken from the +12V supply, i.e. the sum of the +12V current and the +5V current has to be less than 380mA)

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