Doepfer A-100 LC6 Eurorack Powered Case (6U - 84hp)

Doepfer A-100 LC6 Eurorack Powered Case (6U - 84hp)

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6U Eurorack case

An affordable way to box and power your modular system, the Doepfer A-100 LC6 gives you plenty of room to build and expand

Eurorack system case and power supply
2x 84HP x 3U space
12V output voltage
Raw wood finish, ready for you to customise!
Power supply: +12V: 1200mA, -12V: 1200mA
The Doepfer A-100 LC6 modular case is an economical version of the A-100 suitcase. It is made very simple without a front cover, without the metal rails and corners of the suitcase version described above.

The case is made of raw wood without lacquering. By default it's available with the mains inlet located at the rear panel (same as V2 of the standard suitcase). Versions with other positions of the mains inlet are available only upon request (additional charge and longer delivery time). The case can be varnished by the customer in any desired colour e.g. by means of a spray can

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