Doepfer A-100 LCB Eurorack Powered Case Base (6U - 84hp)

Doepfer A-100 LCB Eurorack Powered Case Base (6U - 84hp)

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Powered base unit for LC cases or standalone use.

The A-100 Low Cost Base is the same width as the the A-100 Low Cost Cases (A-100LC6/LC9) and can be used as a base frame for the A-100 Low Cost Cases, or as a stand alone unit. One power supply (A-100PSU2/PSU3) and two bus boards are built in.

The A-100 Low Cost Base has two rows for modules available: one with horizontal alignment and another 45 degrees inclined row. The useable width is the same as for the Low Cost Cases, i.e. 84 HP. The bus boards are located in the rear area (even those for the modules that are mounted in the front row). This was necessary to take advantage of the full height of the front area for installation of A-100 modules. The max. depth for modules in the front row is ~70 mm.

The case is made of raw wood without lacquering.


outside: about 445 (width) x 80 height (front) / 190 height (rear) x 385 (depth) mm
inside:: 2 x 84 TE x 3 HE (two bus boards)
useable top area: about 440 x 160 mm (useable area to put other cases on top of the A-100LCB)
useable width: 84 HP
useable depth of the front row: ~ 70 mm
useable depth of the top row: ~ 110 mm (reduced to ~ 100 mm in the power supply area)
(useable depth is measured from inner side of the front panel until end of the pc board of the module)

Quantity of bus boards: 2

Weight: ~ 4.5 kg (without modules)

Maximum Output Current:
with built-in A-100PSU2 (until about end of 2015): +12V/1200mA, -12V/1200mA
with built-in A-100PSU3 (since about early 2016): +12V/2000 mA, -12V/1200mA, +5V/4000mA

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