Doepfer A-135-4A/B Eurorack VC Performance Mixer Module

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Doepfer A-135-4A/B Eurorack VC Performance Mixer Module

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Eurorack master mixer module



Module A-135a is the primary module of the A/B combo. It features voltage control over all crucial parameters besides gain. Each channel hosts four VCAs (one for the primary level, two for L/R panning, and a fourth for aux), while dedicated LEDs provide precise visual indication of voltage intensity.

Module A-135-B routes 16 external control voltages to the host module. Voltages are available for Level, Panorama, Aux, and Mute. In addition to an input, each voltage features a polarizer for adjusting polarity and depth. The external voltage is imparted onto the voltage produced by the A-135-4A's manual control. Consequently, the sum of the voltages affects the corresponding VCA on that particular channel.

Both modules are internally connected using a 20-pin ribbon cable. The two modules do not need to be mounted adjacently provided the ribbon cable used is long enough.


  • Performance mixer in two modules
  • Each channel features four VCAs
  • Aux ins on each channel
  • CV panning via A-135-4B
  • LEDs for visual indication of voltage intensity
  • Modules connect via 20-pin ribbon cable

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