Doepfer A-140 Eurorack Envelope Generator Module

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Eurorack envelope generator

The A-140 is a fast ADSR type envelope generator with both positive and inverted outputs as well as a retrigger input. The coarse time range of the A-140 can be selected from three settings by a rocker switch.

The A-140 features a gate input for starting the envelope as well as retrigger input fir immediate retriggering the envelope from the startpoint, no matter if the envelope cycle has been finished or not.

A switch selects between three time ranges:

  • L = low. Intended for slow envelopes with long times
  • M = medium. The universal standard setting for most applications
  • H = high. Very short times, from ultra-short clicks to percussive envelopes
There are two normal and one inverted output.


gate input, retrigger input
two positive outputs. one inverted output


3U Eurorack module, 8HP wide, 50mm deep
current draw: 20mA

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