Endorphin.es Shuttle Control Eurorack USB/MIDI/CV Convertor Module

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- 12 HP width, up to 1 1/3“ in depth
- USB-to-MIDI-to-CV converter module with 16 arbitrary assignable channels
- simultaneous USB on-the-go device and host modes using 120 MHz ARM Cortex™-M3 CPU
- internal PSU capable of working from cigarette lighter receptacle, rechargeable battery or 12-20V AC-DC power adapter to power up the full Endorphines Shuttle system
- no drivers required for a direct connection to your MAC/PC or iOS devices
- up to 8 voices of polyphony, polyphonic key aftertouch, no steps in CC voltages, MIDI clock, Tap Clock, Tap LFO, bi-directional USB-MIDI transfer and many more MIDI events can be translated into CV
- edit your presets with web MIDI editor on the go in a web-browser
- easy firmware update via USB on PC/MAC
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