Endorphin.es Trippy Cables TRRS Eurorack Patch Cable (Blue)

Endorphin.es Trippy Cables TRRS Eurorack Patch Cable (Blue)

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TRRS Cable

BLUE ROSE – STEREO (TRRS), available in 60 cm (23.6 in)

Material from which the cables are made is called 'TPE'. It's polymers (made of two or more molecules) that are composed of thermoplastic and elastomers. Visually and touch-wise that material is very similar to silicone and is also widely used in adult, automotive, apparel and other consumer industries.
At the same time comparing to silicone or gel material, TPE has much more advantages:

• hypoallergenic
• latex-free
• phthalate-free
• life-like feel • squishy
• no smell
• not tacky
• full RoHS compliant and heavy metal free
• resistance to chemicals, hydrophobic and dirt-repellent

Finally, due to low temperature melting TPE is environmental friendly and easy to recycle. The weaker interactions between polymer chains break down at much lower temperatures than the chemical bonds between monomers, allowing thermoplas- tics to be recycled indefinitely until the polymers are broken down to the point that the material loses structural integrity.

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