Erica Synths Black Sequencer Eurorack Module

Erica Synths Black Sequencer Eurorack Module

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Eurorack Sequencer Module

Modular sequencing taken to the next level. The Erica Synths Black Sequencer is a comprehensive Eurorack sequencer.

The Erica Synths Sequencer is perfect for creating complex sequences, features up to 64 steps per pattern and 16 encoders for controlling your sequences. It features four channels in total with CV, gate and modulation outputs. Microtonal tuning allows you to make subtle changes to your sequenced sounds.

Add a touch of swing to your sequences using the adjustable shuffle (available per track). It features a built-in quantiser and tap tempo parameters for aiding in creating rhythms. It also includes MIDI In/Out for clock and recording functions. The intuitive and simple-to-use controls make it easier than ever to create patterns and rhythms on the fly.

Sequencing power
Not all sequencers are made equal. Erica Synths have raised the bar for sequencing capabilities with their intuitive and powerful Black Sequencer module. This 64 step per pattern module allows you to create extensive sequences across four tracks.

Meaning that you can easily create entire compositions from this modular centre point. There are CV, Gate, Modulation outputs which allow you to control different parameters inside and outside the Black Sequencer. Use the Black Sequencer as the central control unit for your synthesizer.

Tools of the trade
This sequencer offers up much more in regards to different utilities. The Black Sequencer features gate recording and a built-in quantiser to keep things in tune - although you can eschew the quantiser for microtonal sequencing.

There is a MIDI I/O as well as everything else you need to write conventional or experimental electronic music. There is a lot going on with this module - however, it is incredibly easy to learn thanks to Erica Synth's dedication to intuitive design.

4 CV / Gate / Modulation tracks
CV / Gate / MOD recording
Clock and Reset In / Out
Microtonal tuning
MIDI In / Out for clock and recording
16 encoders for easy sequence input
Up to 64 steps per pattern
Song mode
Note, Glide, Gate length, Modulation adjustment per step
Probability, repeats and ratcheting per step
Performance record mode
Adjustable shuffle per track
Timing divisions / multiplications per track
Built in quantiser
Random pattern generator
Tap tempo
16 banks of 16 patterns memory
SD card slot for backup and firmware updates

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