Erica Synths Drum Mixer Eurorack Module (Black)

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Erica Synths Drum Mixer Eurorack Module (Black)

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Eurorack drum mixer module



Take full control of your drums. The Erica Synths Drum Mixer lets you connect seven drum modules so you can mix and balance every element when performing.

Add some extra power. Onboard is a built-in compressor that adds power and energy to the final mix, so your drums will really punch through. You'll also be able to add effects to the first three inputs using the effects send output. This is the mixer your live drums are looking for.

Powerful Drums

Give your drums the power they need. The built-in compressor keeps each and every drum sound clear, whilst at the same time adding punch and power to the final mix. Your drums will sound huge and glued together with this feature.

Tweak compression to taste. There are also controls for the amount and release so you can tweak it depending on how much compression you want. Go light for subtle enhancement, or heavy to squash and add some crunch. You'll also get +6dB of signal boosting for when you need to get your signals to cut through the mix more.

With seven inputs, you'll be able to take full control of all your drums. Connect your kick, snare, clap, hats, and percussion, and have control right at your fingertips.

Add Your External Effects

Get creative with your drums. You can add an external effect such as delay or reverb onto the first three inputs. Simply connect your external effect into the AUX output and take your drums to the next level.


7 inputs
Built-in vactrol based drum compressor with amount and release control
+6dB signal boosting
3 inputs assignable to main or AUX send outputs
AUX send output for connecting external effects
Signal level indicator LEDs
Mixer Gain: +6dB
Size: 14HP
Depth: 35mm
Power Consumption: 65mA @ +12V, 41mA @ -12V


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