Erica Synths Bass Drum Eurorack Module (Black)

Erica Synths Bass Drum Eurorack Module (Black)

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Eurorack bass drum module

Serious techno kicks. The Erica Synths Bass Drum, Black gives you all that pump, thump and chunk you want in a kick drum. With CV controllable parameters, this little module makes standard kicks sound like nothing.

Tune your sound with its easy to use parameters. You'll find pitch, tune, attack and decay controls, and even a drive for when you want to add some more meat. There are also CV controllable parameters for even more experimentation. Experience powerful kicks with the Erica Synths Bass Drum module.

Easy to Control

Easily create a powerful bass drum. At your fingertips you'll get controls to create a range of different kick drums. Control the pitch, tune, attack, decay and drive, and edit to taste. You'll also find a manual trigger button so you can tune your kick patches on the fly.

Pitch will determine the key of your kick. This can range from super low, deep sounds, all the way to high pitched thump. Looking to beef up that kick? Its drive control ranges from none to extreme, allowing you to add some subtle grit or completely decimate your kick sound.

Ideal for Live Performances

Accent and CV control makes this perfect for live performance. The Erica Synths Bass Drum provides accent and CV control over the key parameters which allows you to create expressive live performances. You'll be able to evolve your kick sound live and tweak all the main parameters whilst your track is playing.

You'll also be able to trigger new kicks into your performance. Hitting the manual trigger button will allow you to add new kicks on the fly.


Creates massive, punchy kicks
Add crunch/distortion with drive control
Control the pitch, decay and attack level
Manual trigger button
Accent and CV control for live performance
Decay Range: 400ms - 2200ms
Size: 14HP
Depth: 35mm
Power Consumption: 40mA @ +12V, 30mA @ -12V

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