Erica Synths Snare Drum Eurorack Drum Module (Black)

Erica Synths Snare Drum Eurorack Drum Module (Black)

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Eurorack snare module

Looking for sharp, punchy snare sounds? The Erica Synths Snare Drum, Black gives you the ability to create snappy and thick percussion/snare sounds. Control your tone, length and attack on the front panel. There are also CV controllable parameters on the front for more experimentation.

With only four main controls, you'll find this super easy to pick up. You'll also find a manual trigger button on the front so you can edit your patch on the fly. Take control and experiment with the Erica Synths Snare Drum module.

Easy to Control

Take control of your snare sound. The Erica Synths Snare Drum gives you the tools to create a whole range of snare sounds. You'll find control for pitch, tone, and decay on the front panel making this an easy module to get to grips with.

Want a brighter or darker snare sound? Turn the Noise Tone control which adjusts noise filter cutoff so you can set the desired noise tone. You'll be able to easily go from a classic snare drum sound, all the way to white noise FX. The Snappy control lets you morph between the two.

Ideal for Live Performances

Accent and CV control makes this perfect for live performance. The Erica Synths Snare Drum provides accent and CV control over the key parameters which allows you to create expressive live performances. You'll be able to evolve your snare sound live and tweak all the main parameters whilst your track is playing.

You'll also be able to trigger new snares into your performance. Create new snare builds or build your percussion loops by hitting the manual trigger button on the fly. A simple yet essential module for any live performer.


Creates sharp, punchy snare sounds
Control the pitch, decay and tone
Manual trigger button
Accent and CV control for live performance
Decay Range: 150ms - 260ms
Size: 10HP
Depth: 35mm
Power Consumption: 37mA @ +12V, 35mA @ -12V

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