Erica Synths Clap Eurorack Drum Module (Black)

Erica Synths Clap Eurorack Drum Module (Black)

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Eurorack clap drum module

Claps, an essential part of that drum groove. Easy to use, Erica Synths Clap gives you classic sharp, punchy clap sounds. An ideal tool for completing your modular drum groove setup.

Take control of your tone. On the front you'll find controls for tone and decay, allowing you to adjust to your taste or even evolve your sound on the fly during a live performance. Imagine, a clean clap sound that works every time.

Easy to Control

The Erica Synths Claps gives you control of your tone and decay. This allows you to adjust how bright or dark you want your clap, as well as how long you want it to decay so you can fit it into your track.

Ideal for Live Performances

Accent and CV control makes this perfect for live performance. The Erica Synths Clap provides accent and CV control over tone which allows you to create expressive live performances. You'll be able to evolve your clap sound live.

You'll also be able to trigger new claps into your performance. Create new clap builds or build your clap loops by hitting the manual trigger button on the fly. A simple yet essential module for any live performer.


Creates sharp, punchy claps
Control over tone and decay
Manual trigger button
Accent and CV control for live performance
Decay Range: 120ms - 1100ms
Size: 10HP
Depth: 35mm
Power Consumption: 24mA @ +12V, 20mA @ -12V

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