Erica Synths Toms Eurorack Drum Module (Black)

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Erica Synths Toms Eurorack Drum Module (Black)

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Eurorack tom module



Take control of your groove. The Erica Synths Toms, Black gives you the ability to create grooving percussion on the fly. A simple yet effective module giving you control of low, mid and high toms.

Experience massive, punchy sound. Erica Synths Toms produces huge tom sounds. Take full control of each tom, tuning its pitch and decay on the fly. With accent and CV controllable parameters, this is sure to be a staple in your live performance setup.

Easy to Control

Easily create thick toms. Erica Synths Toms produces a thick, punchy sound right out of the box. At your fingertips you'll get controls to adjust pitch and decay for each tom, making this an easy module to get to grips with.

Ideal for Live Performances

Accent and CV control makes this perfect for live performance. The Erica Synths Toms provides accent and CV control over the key parameters which allows you to create expressive live performances. You'll be able to evolve your toms live and tweak parameters whilst your track is playing.

You'll also be able to trigger new toms into your performance. Each tom has a trigger button allowing you to add new tom grooves on the fly. A simple yet essential module for any live performer.


Creates massive, punchy tom sounds
Control 3 toms - low, mid and high
Adjust individual pitch and decay
Manual trigger buttons for each tom
Accent and CV control for live performance
Decay Range: 370ms - 955ms
Size: 16HP
Depth: 50mm
Power Consumption: 83mA @ +12V, 76mA @ -12V


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