Expressive-e Touche SE USB Controller
Expressive-e Touche SE USB Controller
Expressive-e Touche SE USB Controller
Expressive-e Touche SE USB Controller
Expressive-e Touche SE USB Controller
Expressive-e Touche SE USB Controller

Expressive-e Touche SE USB Controller

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unique 3 dimensional USB expression controller

USB expression pedal for software synths and VSTs.

The Expressive E Touch SE is a more affordable version of the Touche controller.

The Touch SE is a unique hardware controller that reacts to touch. It features multiple axis, capturing your movements with optimal precision. You can interact with the controller in multiple ways, using intuitive slides, taps and touches. The controller comes complete with 200 premium-grade virtual instrument sounds to get you started. The versatile interface allows you to control multiple plugin parameters at once for added flexibility. Experience this unique and innovative way to control sound today.

A New Level Of Expression
Building on the success of the Expressive E Touché, the SE version is a more affordable controller, ideal for music production. This unique and stylish hardware control instrument features a patented mechanism that reacts to the slightest touch. It reacts to the velocity of your touch and provides multiple ways to interact with sounds.

The mechanism features multiple dimensions which react to touches, slides and taps. It is the perfect companion for any keyboard MIDI controller, providing unique ways to interact with your software synths. It reacts like a real acoustic instrument, allowing you to add natural movements to your sound. For instance, gentle increasing the pressure on the pad is perfect for create organic swells.

Complete With 200 Premium-Grade Sounds
To get you started straight out of the box, the controller comes complete with 200 professionally-engineered sounds. The sounds come fully mapped and ready to play for added convenience. The controller can eliminate the need for automation allowing you to control multiple parameters at once. For example, you can use the Touché SE to control the LFO within your synthesizer, allowing you to create natural and organic timbres.

Use Third-Party VST Instruments With Lié
The Touché SE includes dedicated control software that hosts third-party VST instruments. This allows you to fine-tune your controls, as well as map them to your existing software instruments. The software works both in standalone mode or with your favourite DAW. With four dimensions of movement, you can change the range/degree of control per mapping for in-depth customisation.

Robust, Stylish and USB-Powered
The compact and multi-dimensional controller features a patented control plate mechanism. It can map up to eight plugin parameters to each axis of movement. Not only is it a great tool for music producers, it can be great for sound designers and professional musicians to take your sounds to the next level.

The robust design is powered by USB, eliminating the need for external power supplies. It also makes the instrument highly portable, allowing you to take it from place-to-place with ease. The black polycarbonate touch-plate skin not only feels good but reacts to your touch with maximum precision.

What’s Included
Touché SE Hardware Instrument
4ft USB Cable
Printed Quick Start Guide with Lié Download and Activation Code
Discount Voucher Code for UVI Falcon Software
A beautifully engineered hardware control instrument with a patented mechanism, capable of reacting to the slightest touch over multiple simultaneous axes of movement
More than 200 professionally designed sounds included, fully mapped and ready to play
Control multiple plug-in parameters at once, with intuitive gestures producing extraordinary shifts in sound
Conveniently browse sounds using physical buttons on the hardware
Four dimensions of movement, slide, touch and tap to control your sound
Host your own third-party VST plug-in instruments and unlock hidden depths of expression. Over 200 presets for popular VST software synthesizers included
Touché SE is USB bus-powered and compatible with both Mac and PC
Robust and highly portable design
Ideal companion for any keyboard MIDI controller

Dimensions: 9.7" x 3.9" x 2.4" / 246 x 100 x 62 mm
Weight: 1.38lbs (0.626Kg)
Connection Type: USB Type B
MIDI Class Compliant: Yes
Lié Control Software: compatible with Mac OS 10.10 or higher, Windows 10 or higher

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