Expressive-e Touche USB Controller w/ Control Voltage
Expressive-e Touche USB Controller w/ Control Voltage
Expressive-e Touche USB Controller w/ Control Voltage
Expressive-e Touche USB Controller w/ Control Voltage
Expressive-e Touche USB Controller w/ Control Voltage
Expressive-e Touche USB Controller w/ Control Voltage

Expressive-e Touche USB Controller w/ Control Voltage

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Innovative Expression

The Expressive E Touché is an innovative controller designed for use with both software and hardware synthesizers. The unique design of the Touché features four separate dimensions that give you unique control over your sounds. The Expressive E Controller features a touch-sensitive wooden skin pad that reacts with precision. The four independent dimensions include two by pressing the skin up and down, and two by moving the skin right and left. Its intuitive control allows you to change the behaviour of your sound to your own liking. The in-depth control allows you to choose everything from the attack, release and even the way the sound is generated.

Depth Of An Acoustic Instrument

The unique design delivers in-depth control, allowing you to choose the make the sound harder or easier depending on its intensity and your gesturing. At the heart of the Touché is a cylinder, slider and encoder that acts like a real instrument for natural and fluid sound. The changing of the intensity is ideal for switching from progressive sounds to more percussive sounds which may require greater sensitivity.

Software & Hardware Compatible

The versatile functionality means the Touché can be used with both software and hardware synthesizers, for optimal flexibility. The Touché controller can be linked with your existing setup, as well as including tailor-made sounds and tools to make your own. Lié is the specialised software by Expressive E that allows you to create your own sounds as well as select from 150 carefully designed sounds. The custom sound presets are powered by UVI’s Falcon, for optimal audio quality and diversity. The software can work as a host of plug-ins also for added versatility, allowing you to load your virtual instruments and build sounds within the same interface you play with. You can also play with your existing hardware synthesizer, incorporating the controller in your standalone synthesizer. This breathes new life into your own equipment, even allowing you to save configuration using the Touches’ internal memory.

Design & Connectivity

The compact and highly portable design of the Expressive E Touché makes it ideal for musicians on the move. Its smaller size makes it easy to fit into any existing live or studio setup. You can save any presets you create or tweak using the internal memory slots, for quick and easy recall when you need it. The Touché features four independent CV outputs, meaning you can control up to four different parameters simultaneously, delivering a clean and pure analog signal. It also features multicolour LEDs to help to keep track of which presets you’re using. You can also connect to your instrument using the built-in MIDI output, allowing you to configure which Control Changes Touché sends with Lié. The sleek wooden-style pad and compact design features three buttons for scrolling presets and changing the sensitivity.


Innovative touch-sensitive controller for software & hardware synths
Four independent dimensions on all four axis
Breathe new life into your existing setup
Control a varied range of parameters and get the most out of your sounds
Highly-reactive wooden skin pad
Intuitive design with sensitivity control
Complete with Lié software that allows you to host virtual instrument plug-ins
Internal memory allows you to save presets for quick and easy recall
Complete with 150 unique, high-quality sounds
Four independent CV outputs
Built-in MIDI connectivity

System Requirements

For Lié
Processor: Intel Core i5 1.4Ghz (or equivalent)
RAM: 4GB memory
OS: macOS 10.10 and above
For Workstation
Processor: Intel Core i5 2.5Ghz (or equivalent)
RAM: 4GB memory (recommended)
HD: 1GB hard drive space

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