Genelec 8331A Active Studio Monitor (Grey)
Genelec 8331A Active Studio Monitor (Grey)
Genelec 8331A Active Studio Monitor (Grey)
Genelec 8331A Active Studio Monitor (Grey)
Genelec 8331A Active Studio Monitor (Grey)
Genelec 8331A Active Studio Monitor (Grey)

Genelec 8331A Active Studio Monitor (Grey)

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Genelec's innovative design shines through on these amazing studio monitors

The Genelec 8331APM Professional Studio Monitor is a extraordinary monitoring solution that delivers incredible imaging with an extended frequency response. The wide array of cutting-edge technology that the 8331APM hosts deliver an elite point source monitor. For faster and more consistent production decision making, whilst allowing you to work for extended durations whilst remaining fatigue-free, the 8331APM is the ultimate choice. Featuring Genelec's innovative and advanced SAM system technology, these monitors make the best of your environment, allowing you to use the GLM application and its auto-calibration function to compensate for detrimental room influence and delay. Combined with Genelec's astonishing MDC driver technology, and immersive ACW design, the 8331APM Professional Studio Monitor is truly unsurpassed.

Smart Active Monitor Systems
Genelec's intelligent SAM systems are one of today's most advanced and flexible monitoring systems, and the 8331APM builds on that system. Capable of automatically adapting to the acoustic environments the monitors are used in, the SAM system can correct levels, delays, and room anomalies. SAM systems can be controlled via Genelec's GLM network and software, enabling you to take advantage of an astonishingly flexible and reliable monitoring system. Genelec's SAM systems offer a comprehensive, solution-oriented, and intelligently networked range that supports both analog and digital signals in practically any work environment.

Minimum Diffraction Coaxial Driver Technology
The 8331APM features Genelec's revolutionary MDC technology which benefits from typical coaxial design advantages, whilst also overcoming their shortages at the same time. To minimize displacement of the cone and avoid all sources of diffractions, the MDC design consists of an integrated MF diaphragm-suspension-tweeter construction. This method creates a smooth surface with no acoustically observable discontinuities between the tweeter and the cone, preventing diffraction. A carefully optimized cone profile forms an integrated Directivity Control Waveguide for the tweeter radiation. Thanks to this technology, the 8331APM has exceptionally smooth response both on and off-axis whilst being free from anomalies, with well controlled directivity.

Acousitcally Concealed Woofers
The Acoustically Concealed Woofers in the 8331APM radiate through slots located at both ends of the enclosure. The positions of the two woofers in the 8331APM's three-way system extend the coaxial acoustical radiation concept towards low frequencies. When two woofers are used, seperated by a calculated distance, the two woofers behave acoustically like a single giant woofer spanning the distance between the two. This also extends the control of the directivity to low frequencies along the largest front baffle dimension. Genelec's ACW technology makes these woofer openings and drivers acoustically invisible to the acoustical radiation from the MDC driver responsible for the midrange and tweeter frequencies. This technology enables the construction of a physically compact monitor, whilst behaving as if it was a much larger system.

Iso-Pod Stand
The innovative Iso-Pod stand from Genelec solves a huge list of problems that can occur when finding the best position for your monitors. It attaches to the aluminium enclosure of your Genelec 8331APM, providing excellent stability and isolation for your monitor. It has four shallow feet and is made from a specialized rubber-like material, and allows for a +/-15 degree tilt of the loudspeaker. This allows the unit to be pointed precisely towards the listened by adjusting the enclosure's inclination with the Iso-Pod. The isolation and damping properties reduce midrange colouration caused by undesirable vibrations being transferred to supporting surfaces. The Iso-Pod provides astonishing benefits in both usability and sound quality.

Minimum Diffraction Enclosure
The design of the Genelec 8331APM's enclosure is optimized to match the properties of the monitor drivers. Featuring rounded edges with gently curved front and sides, the innovative MDE technology achieves unsurpassed flatness of the frequency response alongside having minimum diffractions for superb sound stage imaging qualities. The elegantly curved enclosure reduces the outer dimensions of the unit, whilst maximising the internal volume for improved low frequency efficiency. The cabinet is made from die-cast aluminium, which is lightweight and stiff whilst being incredibly easy to dampen for a "dead" structure. Thanks to aluminium's natural characteristics, the cabinet walls can be made quite thin whilst retaining astounding durability alongside excellent EMC shielding and heat sink capabilities for the amplifiers.

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