Hexinverter Electronique Mutant Clap Eurorack Drum Module

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Just like the other Mutant Drums, the Clap is a highly versatile module. It is actually a voltage controlled LFSR noise oscillator as well as a powerful percussion synthesis engine!

Feature-rich, analogue handclap percussion synthesis reminiscent of the 909
Pitch control of noise generator means you can create everything from vanilla 909 claps to broken, chiptune-like alien sounds
Doubles as a voltage controlled, Commodore64-sounding noise VCO via the NOISE output and PITCH CV input
SUSTAIN control lets you crank up the clap's sustain and use the module as an abstract synth voice with external inputs!

External input allows you to synthesise claps from virtually any sound source you plug in
Built in internal reverb effect derived from clap tone
Reverb decay forms the decay of the clap sound, and is fully voltage controllable from short reverb "snaps" to long, whooshing tails!
You can select between internal and external noise sources as the source for the reverb sound generation, opening up really interesting sounds
DRIVE control lets you dial in anything from clean to extremely overdriven sounds
Bandpass filter cutoff control
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