Hexinverter Electronique Mutant Snare Eurorack Drum Module

Hexinverter Electronique Mutant Snare Eurorack Drum Module

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From classic electro snares to warping, alien percussion, the Mutant Snare is a radical departure from the static sounds of the 808!


MIX lets you blend between the SHELL and SNAPPY tones that make up the overall snare drum
turn up the DRIVE to get overdriven snare tones with intense harmonics. The purple LED indicates when the snare begins to overdrive
like the other Mutant Drums, signal levels have been normalized for modular level input and output (up to 20Vpp)

SHELL synthesizes the drum skins
analog bridged-t sinewave oscillators, for those organic-sounding tones we've come to love from the 808
TONE control blends between the two sinewaves of different frequency
SHELL PITCH lets you tune one of the sine waves, to change the pitch of your snare drum

SNAPPY adds some noise to the snare
an analog white noise generator feeds the SNAPPY circuit
an external input lets you patch any sound source you like into the SNAPPY generator
voltage control of SNAPPY decay

SNAPPY feeds into an analog selectable high-pass or band-pass filter
voltage control of filter cutoff frequency
when nothing is plugged into the cutoff CV input, the SNAPPY envelope OR the adjustable sinewave from the SHELL generator normalize through the CV attenuverter for cutoff CV. A jumper on the back of the module allows you to select which of these internal modulation signals are routed here

filter has three resonance settings: classic 808 (low resonance), high resonance, and self oscillation
bipolar attenuators (aka: 'attenuverters') on CV inputs
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