Instruo Arbhar Eurorack Granluar Processing Module

Instruo Arbhar Eurorack Granluar Processing Module

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Eurorack Granular Processor

arbhar heralds a new generation of granular processing in eurorack. Sampled audio
can be chopped into tiny grains, scattered, shaped, re-pitched, reversed and layered
for an endless range of audio manipulation from seamless frozen tones to mutated
acousmatic madness.
Featuring a condenser microphone set into the front panel, built in audio analysis for
automatic sampling and internal modulation over various parameters; this is truly a
granulator like no other.

• Granular processor (Lexer method)
• Two granular engines available simultaneously:
1. controlled by intensity and grain length settings (up to 24 grains)
2. externally triggered grains (up to 20 grains)
• Manual and automatic playhead control for granular textures and time stretched
audio playback (Scan/Follow mode)
• Sampling wavetable oscillator
• 6 sample buffers (10 second record time each)
• Built in condenser microphone
• Dedicated analogue input pre-amplifier
• Audio onset analysis for automatic capture control
• LED display for amplitude, length, scan, spray
• Trigger out
• Forward/Reverse grain playback probability control
• Internal random/quantised pitch modulation
• 1V/OCT cv pitch control
• Dynamic grain windowing
• Included 2HP CV expander for additional CV control


39mm Deep

+12V: 210mA
-12V: 30mA

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