Instruo Cuir Eurorack Audio Output Module

Instruo Cuir Eurorack Audio Output Module

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Eurorack Output Module

The cuïr is a highly compact module designed to provide optimised output signals for interfacing a modular system with professional and consumer audio equipment. In addition to the pair of balanced TRS outputs there is a high quality headphone driver with its own independent level control.
The stereo balanced outputs feature high quality low impedance differential line drivers. These are designed to drive long cable lengths and operate equally well with balanced transformer or transformerless inputs.

A pair of high quality balanced 1/4" cables are included with the cuïr.
These cables are braided, 150cm long, shielded and feature gold plated TRS contacts. Using these cables (or any quality balanced TRS cable) the cuïr can be used to connect modular systems directly to mixing consoles, microphone preamps or any other pieces of professional outboard audio equipment.

• Stereo modular level to 1/4” balanced line output
• High quality 150cm balanced cables included
• Dedicated headphone driver


30mm Deep

+12V: 30mA
-12V: 30mA

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