Instruo Lubadh Eurorack Dual Channel Audio Looper Module

Instruo Lubadh Eurorack Dual Channel Audio Looper Module

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Eurorack Dual Looper Module

Consisting of two identical channels Lúbadh allows you to instantly record, playback,
overdub, trim down, scan through and pitch up or down any audio signal. The two
channels are normalised to each other via a feedback path allowing you to manipulate
and resample audio to build up complex looping compositions. An optional delay mode
allows you to shift the timing of these two channels within the feedback path to create
tape delay type effects, with delay times up to 3 seconds.
Inspired by the aesthetics and mechanics of early tape techniques each channel features
an analogue input circuit which adds slight compression, filtering and saturation. On
the first recording the sound may appear slightly fuller and warmer, re-recording audio
back and forth will compound this effect over time allowing you to create dense tape
like textures.

• 2 channel looper
• 96kHz/24bit recording (32 bit internal processing)
• Tape response inspired analogue input circuit
• LED display for playback speed, length and position
• Six minutes record time per channel (more than 450 feet of tape at 15ips)
• Varispeed –/+ 4x speed
• Link switch for dual mono functionality
• Delay capabilities
• Clock divider output
• VCA controlled auxiliary input/output crossfading
• Looping or one-shot record and playback capabilities
• Load/save functionality
• Included 2HP CV expander for CV over everything
• Capacitive touch plate for creating warble effects and stalling playhead


39mm Deep

+12V: 280mA
-12V: 100mA

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