LA67 MACA Eurorack Multimode Filter Module

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Eurorac Filter Module

A 4-pole multimode filter based on the SSI2140 integrated circuit. Essentially an updated version of the classic SSM2040, the new SSI2140 adds better temperature compensation and a VCA that helps eliminate low frequency damping at high resonance settings. Besides the obligatory 4-pole low pass, MACA adds both 2-pole low pass and 4-pole band pass outputs. There is also a input level control that allows you to easily overdrive the filter core.

• 4-pole LP, 2-pole LP, & 4-pole BP outputs
• Input level control
• 16hz-16khz range
• "Q" CV input
• Inverting attenuator on "FM" input
• "V/oct" CV input
• Sine wave oscillator at high "Q" settings

• 6hp
• 20mm depth
• Current draw: 25mA/25mA +12v/-12v
• Reverse power polarity protection

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