Erica Synths Black Multimode VCF Eurorack Filter Module

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The Erica Black Multimode VCF has simultaneous HP, BP and LP outputs, CV control over cutoff and resonance for serious modular patches.

The core of the VCF is highly stable, custom multimode VCF chip AS3320 (produced in Riga, btw). Bonus feature – unique, adjustable germanium diode overdrive circuit on the VCF input.


  • Simultaneous HP, BP and LP outputs
  • CV control over Cutoff and Resonance
  • Self-oscillation
  • Cutoff CV level attenuverter
  • Adjustable germanium diode overdrive
  • Skiff-friendly design

Technical specifications:

  • Audio output amplitude: 10 Vptp
  • CV input (full sweep): 10 Vptp
  • Panel width: 10HP
  • Module depth: 35mm
  • Power consumption: 27mA@+12V, 29mA@-12V
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