LEP Lumanoise V4 Euroack Chord/Drone Synth Module

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LEP Lumanoise V4 Euroack Chord/Drone Synth Module

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Eurorack Drone Synth



Lumanoise V4 is a drone synthesizer module based on four Trautonium-style sub oscillators plus filter.

Lumanoise V4 is a drone synthesizer inspired by the oscillator section of the Trautonium. Lumanoise has a master oscillator and four suboscillators.

Each suboscillator has an individual level control as well as a frequency control for adjusting the division factor.

The pitch of the master oscillator is adjusted manually by the Freq potentiometer or voltage controlled by the Freq CV input with its CV-AMT attenuator to adjust the modulation level. In addition, there is a switch to set the pitch range (High, Med, Low).

The oscillators are fed into a resonant low pass filter with a slope of -12 dB. The cutoff knob adjusts the cutoff frequency of the filter, which can also be voltage controlled via the cut CV input and the corresponding CV AMT attenuator. The RES potentiometer adjusts the resonance of the filter.

The XXX pot allows transposition.

Finally, the sound can be shaped by a voltage-controlled VCA.


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