Make Noise DPO Dual Primary Eurorack Oscillator

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Eurorack Complex Oscillator

Make Noise´s long-awaited DPO (Dual Prismatic Oscillator) is a dual analog VCO with plenty of internal modualtion possibilities, FM, a wave multiplier and other timbral controls. The main idea of primary and modulation oscillators with internal FM is based on Buchla´s 259 oscillator.

Voltage controlled analog dual oscillator for creating complex wave forms. The oscillators act as one modulation VCO and a primary VCO; both are audio oscillators with a triangle core. Waveforms are triangle (here: spike), sawtooth and sine for VCO A and sine and square for VCO B.

VCO A can be used in LFO range and features hard sync. VCO B has three timbral parameters: fold, angle and shape. Those alter the oscillator´s timbre and the result is present at the FINAL output.

Modulations are internally pre-patched via the FM buss and the Modulation buss and have attenuators at their destinations. External control signals can be patched into the Modulation buss as well, instead of the modulation from VCO A´s sine wave.

- Modulation oscillator: CV inpus for 1V/octave, exponential FM, linear FM. Outputs for sine, triangle and square.
- FM-Bus: CV input for modulation index
- primary oscillator: CV inputs for 1V/octave, exponential FM, linear FM. Outputs for sine, triangle and final (see above). X-Lock input.
- Mod bus: CV inputs for external modulation and internal modulation index
- Fold: Fold CV input, sttrike input
- Shape CV input, angle CV input

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