Miso Modular  Cornflakes Eurorack Granular Synthesis Module

Miso Modular Cornflakes Eurorack Granular Synthesis Module

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Eurorack Granular Processor Module

Stereo Granular Sample Player/Recorder/Processor with many features, clear layout and CV inputs for all parameters.

Miso Modular announces its Cornflakes module as "a granular sampler with special features". It can be used for real-time processing (and recording) of incoming signals AND for processing audio material from the SD card (32 slots). Parameters include Time Stretching, Harmonization, Pitch Shifting, Grain Size and (play) Position - all of which are CV-controllable. Pitch and Harmonization are 1V/oct calibrated and audio is processed at 24bit/48khz in stereo.

Miso is a complete granular sampler/processor package with a clear, easy to understand layout and lots of potential.

14 HP
Current Draw
145 mA +12V
60 mA -12V

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