Mobula Mobular ROTLFO Eurorack Analog LFO Module

Mobula Mobular ROTLFO Eurorack Analog LFO Module

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Eurorack LFO Module

ROTLFO is an analog LFO Eurorack module with three simultaneous outputs POINTY, ROUND, and SQUARE,. In the default mode these outputs are triangle, sine, and square wave respectively. It has a TILT switch that tilts these outputs. The triangle tilts to a sawtooth and the sine tilts to an unusual Ocean wave. The square wave is tilted to narrow duty cycle.

The rate can be adjusted from 10 times a second (10hz) at max rate to once a second near the far counterclockwise position and even slower at the absolute minimum. Using the SLOW/NORMAL switch in the SLOW position it slows down by a factor of 10 and is 1hz at the max position and far slower in the minimum. Using the CV Rate -5V is the slowest and +5V is fastest rate as it is shifted in the CV input section to 0-10V. The Rate knob also acts like an attenuator for the CV rate input.

ROTLFO is a triangle core low frequency oscillator with a long tailed pair sine conversion. Both of these are usually found in more expensive VCO modules.

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