Nano Modules Eurorack Power Bus Board

Nano Modules Eurorack Power Bus Board

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Eurorack busboard

The Nano Modul busboard has been designed especially to cooperate with modern switching power supplies, as it filters the noise of a wide range of frequencies and prevents the unwanted disturbances caused by modules sharing the same power source. It features 20 safety headers that prevent accidental reversed connection of modules, LED status indicators for each rail, and easily accessible screw terminals for connecting your power supply or additional busboards.


Dimensions 370x30mm

20 standard Eurorack keyed headers. These power connectors feature safety notches to prevent the accidental reversed connection.

3 power rails 12V, -12V, 5V

Voltage indicator LED on every power line

2x power supply cables screw terminal (-12/GRD/+12/+5V) for easy daisy-chain connection of more bus boards together.

Screw terminals are located in the middle of the bus board to reduce circuit inductance and distribute voltage evenly through the whole board.

Decoupling capacitors to remove residual PSU ripple at every power line.

Switchable 5V linear voltage regulator for power supplies that do not support 5V output.

8 mounting holes.

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